Overall Performance

Equipment type:         Fully automatic, discrete, STAT priority

Analysis Throughput: 180T/h (single/double reagent), 540T/h combined with ISE

Test principle:              Colorimetry, turbidimetry

Analysis method:         End-point, kinetics, fixed-time, etc.


Sample reagent unit

Sample reagent position:           Up to 80 positions

Sample cuvettes specification:  Standard cup, original blood tube,   multi-specification tube available (Φ10~13)mm×(75~100)mm

Sample reagent probe:                Liquid level detection and collision detection


Reaction Unit

Reaction cuvette:                                   56 positions optical plastic cup

Total volume of reaction liquid:          100μl~360μl

Reaction temperature:                          37°C

Reaction disk constant temperature:  Air bath

Mixer:                                         Mix immediately after adding reagent

Wastewater treatment:          With the function of concentrated waste liquid level alarming


Optical System

Light source:              20W/12V halogen lamps.

Monochromator:     Grating photometry

Photoelectron road: After spectrophotometry

Wavelengths:              340nm~800nm

Detector:                      Photodiode LED array


Calibration and QC

Calibration method:  1 point linear method, 2 point linear method, multiple point linear method, non-linear method

Calibration tracking:  Automatic description calibration K-value trends

QC method:   Real-time QC, daily QC and monthly QC

Out of control processing:  Alarming for out of control sample, record lost control reason


Operating System

PC operating system:   Windows 7 or Windows 10

Analysis control software:   Graphical operating software english version

Report printing: Report formats support the user-defined mode, QC and state information etc.

System connection:  TCP/IP network connection, standard RJ-45



Volume:   744mm×703mm×530mm

Weight:    100kg

Power supply:  Voltage AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, power 600VA

Auto Chemistry Analyzer CS-T180